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Having worked as a health and safety consultant for nearly thirty years I have developed a number of skills and built an extensive knowledge of what constitutes best practice. It is not just a job, but a vocation and I have a real passion for safeguarding the lives of employees. I want people to be able to undertake their jobs safely and return home free from illness and injury, and that is what drives me.

Supporting organisations in becoming safer and driving quality does not just help employees but helps the organisation itself. A company that operates responsibly and sensibly will work more effectively and will have a clearer understanding of how it should and should not operate. 

This enthusiasm for health and safety is reflected in my personal life and as a chartered fellow of IOSH.  I regularly contribute to industry publications and journals and I am also a valued member of the IOSH Fellowship peer review interview team.  I have also carried out Continuing Professional Development (CPD) audits and frequently work with the professional standards team.


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All of these various roles attest to the genuine enthusiasm I have for health and safety and my ongoing commitment to developing and improving knowledge within the industry. In addition to IOSH I am a Fellow of the CQI, IIRSM and RSPH and I am dedicated to keeping my knowledge fresh and in keeping with any new advancements in industry best practice.

What drives my work is not just advising people what to do, but empowering your employees and your company. The expertise I give your organisation will make it more knowledgeable and more prepared to move forward into the future, knowing that you are able to deal with any situation or event.

I have extensive experience working as a health and safety consultant in an array of diverse organisations helping them to achieve full compliance. I work with public sector, SMEs and blue-chip companies throughout the United Kingdom and I can help your organisation however specialist, large or unique it may be.

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  •  International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM) Fellow and Recognised Safety Practitioner (RSP)
  • The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Chartered Fellow

  • The Royal Society for Public Health Fellow
  • The Chartered Quality Institute Chartered Fellow
  • The British Institute of Cleaning Science Member




If you would like further details about what I can do for you as a health and safety consultant, please get in touch with me at Tony Hayward Consulting.

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